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Why BOSSreaders?

Empower. Motivate. Inspire.

After years in the classroom, we developed an effective, fun, program that empowers kids to become stronger students and read like a BOSS.

Join 3000+ students reading like a BOSS!

"...the first instructional organization that does it right. Their purpose is to show families how to be their own source of academic success and they do it in meaningful, people-friendly ways. Their methods are scientifically based, and also make use of current technology. I've taught reading for more than 25 years and am incredibly impressed!" Jaika K. - educator

Individualized Training Plan

We will use the results from the Insight as well as parent input to craft an individualized instructional path for each student. This will show you the specific steps to get your child reading more confidently at grade level. You will learn the exact amount of time and effort needed to achieve accelerated reading growth.

Personal Coaching

Once enrolled in our online "Reading Gym", you will receive access to a series of Coach's Messages from our instructional leader, Coach T. One of our reading experts will give your child private and constructive feedback every week based on his or her performance. We get to know each one of our students and give them just the right amount of challenge and encouragement. Our long term goal is for students to have the ability and skills to coach themselves to read any text in any class.

Powerful Practice Sessions

Just like practicing a sport, we encourage our students to practice 3-4 times a week. The combination of our interactive videos, coaching feedback and state of the art reading software, keeps the lessons fresh and engaging. BOSS is not tutoring or a traditional online class. As the program progresses, we coach kids on specific techniques to stay motivated. Students learn to own their practice and own their life.

Tracking Progress is Easy

We send parents reports that show where students are on the path to accelerated growth. You won't be left wondering, "Is this working?" . Parents also get instant online access to all of the valuable data generated by Reading Plus and can check on their child's progress at any time.

Our Training Equipment

Interactive Video Lessons

Coach T shares the secrets of top performers and skill development. These short, powerful messages are delivered each week. Think P90x for Reading. Students adopt the best practice ideas from top athletes and coaches.

Reading Plus Software

The online program we partner with has spent decades researching and developing exercises to increase a student's reading capacity, efficiency and stamina. We think it does the best job giving kids choice with a challenge, differentiating to each individual student's level and giving kids actionable data as they move through the program.

Training Journal

After completing the first week of lessons online, we will send you materials to support completing the rest of the course. This includes, parent reading coach tips for success, a personal training journal and a mechanical pencil. Most lessons students we ask students to reflect about their reading practice, record their bright spots and track their progress in their journal.

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BOSSreaders uses the latest research based instructional strategies to help students build a growth mindset, understand challenging texts and learn about themselves as students. Our unique curriculum is based on the latest findings from respected educational experts.



Exercising the brain in new and different ways makes it’s neurons fire, connect and build new pathways — the process that enables reading and learning.



The latest brain research reveals how certain types of practice actually shape the brain. Practice and repetition help kids improve their reading skills fast. Think of it like piano scales or tennis drills.

Founded in Science
Proven in Practice

90% of BOSSreaders graduates are reading at grade level by the end of 12 weeks.

Join thousands of students… and start reading LIKE a BOSS!


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Our mission is to close the reading gap by empowering struggling readers to own their learning.

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